Friday, January 29, 2010

Rocky Mount Lacking in Recycling Centers

As I have not lived in Rocky Mount for quite some time, it has come to my attention that there are not very many recycling bins around the area. Yes, there are a few; one at the Blackwater dumpster on Route 220, Boones Mill, and Burnt Chimney that I presently know of. I grew up at Smith Mountain Lake as child and in the 80’s, recycling was not the “in thing”, but this day and age it is.

I lived in other cities and towns and have seen recycling vending machines for aluminum cans and glass bottles. For example, Alexandria Bay, NY has vending machines to place aluminum cans in throughout their two grocery stores in the area. Alexandria Bay is a small town in upstate New York and they have managed to put in recycling areas. Watertown, NY also has recycling centers and vending machines throughout its midsized city. Portland, Oregon a huge city recycles almost as a religion which makes them one of the cleanest cities in the United States.

Our world is crumbling down around us and we still toss out those plastic bottles and paper products into a dumpster that is bound for the wide blue yonder. I know, I probably sound like a hypocrite because I was not always a recycler. I too was a “throw it all in one big bin and say adiĆ³s to it forever”, but not anymore. I see how the world is dying and I want to help it.

We need more recycling centers in this area, even if they are just bins to separate the plastic from the paper, etc. although a paying one would be nice for aluminum cans and plastic and glass bottles.

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Janna Qualman said...

Recycling is something I've promised myself to get better about.

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I tried to comment at your new self-titled blog, but something went wonky with it. :( Best with all your endeavors!

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